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Solid Timber Plank flooring have always been a popular choice in flooring, These days most homes are built with concrete sub floors, to reach the same effect, "Direct Stick" was introduced. They have a tongue and groove and are generally 12-14mm thick.

They can be laid directly onto structural surfaces such as concrete, particleboard & plywood, [it can sometimes be laid onto old timber floors if they are flat it is 12\14mm thick compared to the traditional 19mm, it offers the same depth of wear and can be sanded and refinished. "Direct stick" timber is generally a 12\14mm thick, by 80mm wide, some variations go up to 88mm wide they are all Tongue and Grooved planks, they come in random lengths. It is available in most Australian Hardwoods, and gives a modern plank-flooring look.

Solid timber on Batten/Joist Batten floors are installed using 19\32 mm hardwood battens anchored your existing sub floor. Floorboards are glued and nailed to the batten/Joist. It can also be - Nailed to plywood over concrete or timber joists or - Nailed to old timber strip flooring over joists .

The timber is 19mm thick and you have a choice of 80 - 130mm wide. [different at time - check availability] It can be either Selected or Natural grade timber. Flooring is then sanded and polished using your choice of coating. It is important to acclimatise you timber in its new environment [this is only helpful when the area concerned is at a living temperature - i.e. you have the heating on in winter that you would normally have on - leaving it onsite at other times is not true acclimatisation].

Quality Timber Floors in Adelaide

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All of these floors will require sanding after they have been laid in your home. We use efficient dust bags to control nearly all of the dust that is sanded off. We recommend covering book shelves and other small items.

There are a number of finishes available. We use and oil modified urethane or water based coatings to finish your floor with gloss levels available. We recommend that every 5-10 years you have an extra top coat put on depending on the amount of wear that your floor has. [in area's that the traffic is not so high, that may be longer] This will keep you floor in peak condition. The colour difference is noticeable from water based polyurethane to that of oil modified urethane and worth checking before you make that decision. If you are having your existing floor sanded, the old finishes are sanded back and the finish of your choice is then put on to give you a new floor again.

Now that you know some of the features of our solid timber plank flooring, you should learn about some of the benefits. At Parquetry Flooring Company in Adelaide, we sell high-quality solid timber floors that come with several advantages. Knowing what these are may help you make your choice about which type of flooring to install in your home. Here are a few benefits you should know about.

Easy to Clean

First, solid timber floors are easy to keep clean. Because we surface seal our floors, all you have to do, aside from adding an extra coat of finish every decade or so, is to use a dust control mop when needed or a vacuum with a brush end. When it needs a mop, use a product recommended for timber floors. A microfibre mop that uses only water is also a good choice.

Allergy Friendly

Because timber floors are easy to keep clean, they're also better for your home's air quality. If you or anyone else in your home suffers from a allergies, then you should consider installing solid timber flooring. Unlike carpet, this type of flooring won't trap dust, dander and pollen. That means you can breathe easier in your home.


Third, timber floors increase your home's resale value since buyers appreciate the beautiful look of this type of flooring. According to a survey by The Australian Timber Floor Association, timber floors can increase a home's value by as much as eight percent. Another reason that homeowners love timber flooring is because it can last a lifetime. If properly cared for and maintained, you won't have to replace it as often as you would carpet or other flooring materials.

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