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Available in 3 different sizes:-
  • 7 Finger 145mm - Brushbox (while stock lasts)
  • 6 Finger 133mm - Brushbox, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Sydney Blue Gum and Tallowwood
  • 5 Finger 120mm - Southern Blue Gum

Special order can also be placed for other timbers.

Mosaic Parquetry has been popular through the ages, and consists of small "fingers" of timber next to each other - they are laid in a square on square pattern. Mosaic is 8mm thick. It is suitable for homes, shops and stadiums. There are different things you can do with mosaic - such as lay the pattern in a 45o or 90o direction. The look changes dramatically. You can also have a border around the perimeter, with or without a pin stripe to accentuate it.

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Mosaic Flooring in Adelaide

 Image 1 mosaic flooring Adelaide  Image 2 mosaic flooring Adelaide  Image 3 mosaic flooring Adelaide

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