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Parquetry flooring is made from timber blocks, installed in various patterns to give a classic, timeless and impressive look.

Here are the most common patterns available.

Parquetry examples-sm

Blackbutt, Tasmanian Oak, Spotted Gum, Sydney Blue Gum, Jarrah, Tallowwood, Brushbox*, Turpentine* European Oak (White Oak).

The Standard size parquetry blocks are 260x65mm, and either 18 or 14mm thick.

European Oak (White Oak) is available in some larger size blocks including = 710x125x19mm and 400x80x19mm.

It is also available in French Panel designs including = Versailles (pictured above) and Marie Antoinette.

The panels come in the sizes = 590x590mm and 826x826mm. Both sizes are 19mm thick.

*While available

Installed Parquetry Flooring in Adelaide

 Example 1: block flooring Adelaide  Example 2: block flooring Adelaide  Example 3: block flooring Adelaide

Parquetry is an extremely durable floor covering that has been used for centuries - it is a durable floor that will give you pleasure for many years. The easy cleaning and maintenance makes it an appealing choice.

It is available in 2 different thickness, the choice there is made to accommodate existing others floors, or price considerations. There is also a choice of Natural Grade or Select Grade.

The Natural Grade is as it comes off the tree, which means if there are some imperfections in the timber surface they will be left in. For the Select Grade most imperfections are taken out. Some people love the look of the Natural Grade, as after all, it is timber, while others taste leads them to choose Select Grade. Both are hard durable choices.

Timber is one of the world's few truly renewable resources. The natural insulation properties of timber lock out winter's cold and summer's heat. It is an excellent option for allergy sufferers because timber floors do not harbour dust mites and other allergens.

Once you have parquetry in your home people will come in and go 'wow'.

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